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Jerusalem church

The name of this church does not only sound exotic, the architecture of the edifice as such is rather exotic and unique for the region.  Especially the tower is very remarkable: it consists of a rectangular lower part with on top of that an octogonal upper part with a gallery that is flanked by two smaller towers.  The two small towers are crowned with a sun on the one side and a crescent on the other side.  On the central tower we can find a small globe with a maltese cross. 

The construction of the church, intended as a family tomb chapel, was ordered by the very rich and influential family Adornes, a patrician family originating from Genoa.  In 1427,they obtained the exceptional privilege to build the church as private owners; the church remained in private hands from the day of construction till now.  The architecture is inspired upon the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.  The story goes that it was built to remember a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.  Due to the fact that the church was in private hands, it largely escaped destructive actions against church property (such as the iconoclastic fury, changes of regimes,...).   

Location: corner of Balstraat and Peperstraat

Picutre: Jerzualemchurch seen from the Peperstraat

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