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Netherlands > Historic shopping town Sluis.  If you think that Sluis is a sleepy little medieval town, then you couldn't be more wrong.  It's actually a very lively shopping town, once notorious for its sexshops.  A few of those sexshops are still there but let that not be an excuse not to go to Sluis because this charming little town has a lot to offer: cozy terraces, many restaurants known for their tasty mussels and other delicacies, markets, several walking and biking trails and especially a lot of shops.  Everyone can surely find something in line with their taste and wallet [more information].


Ukraine > Chernobyl National MuseumHoused in a former firehouse, this museum commemorates the accident that happened on 26 April 1986 in the Chornobyl nuclear power plant in the town of Pripyat, north of Kiev.  The catastrophe was the biggest nuclear incident ever and the consequences of the release of radioactive particles were felt in most of Europe.  Many people died and many more suffered health problems as a result.  Villages and towns in the vicinity are still evacuated in what is known as the exclusion zone.  Educational but more than that a touching and confrontational museum.  [more information]


Philippines > Sagada
If you know the Philippines, with their tropical climate, then you would not immediately expect that there are places where pinetrees grow in the wild.  Well, those places do exist high up in the Cordillera mountains of Luzon.  Sagada is a small town located in a valley in the country's mountain province.  Although the region is stunning with its mountains and rice terraces, the town is primarily known for an ancient burial tradition: the coffins of the deceased are either stacked in burial caves or hung on the rocks [explore Sagada]


Philippines > El Nido
El Nido is a community in the north of the island of Palawan.  It consists of the small town of El Nido and several barangays.  It lays in the Bacuit archipelago which has about 45 islands and islets and is considered as one of the best island desinations.  What makes it really exceptional is the natural beauty: secluded beaches, limestone cliffs, clear ocean, pristine forests, mangroves and abundant marine life.  Some places to make you dream: Paradise Beach, Cathedral cave, the small Lagoon, the big Lagoon, the secret Lagoon, helicopter island, snake island,.. [explore El Nido]


Poland > Krakow 
Krakow (or Cracow) is considered as one of the most beautiful towns in Europe and most likely is the most touristic place in the whole of Poland.  This becomes cristal clear when you walk through the old town center: you cannot miss the tourist trains, horse carriages and touroperators that are ready to receive all those thousands of tourists that visit it daily.  Because the town was miraculously spared from destruction during the Second World War, it maintained its historic character.  It has been listed on Unesco's World Heritage list since 1978 [explore Krakow].


Ukraine > Kiev
Kiev is Ukraine's capital and the country's largest city and also the symbol of the nation's independence.  When talking about Kiev, many people think about the orange revolution, the Maydan revolution (Euromaidan) but they should also think about the many shiny golden domes that decorate the city's churches, the Lavra monastery which is Unesco heritage, the city's rich history and all the other sights it has to show for.  It's a vibrant city at a crossing of cultures between east and west.  [explore Kiev]


Belgium > Spontin
The village of Spontin is part of the community of Yvoir and is located in a valley of the Condroz plateau.  The village arose where there is a curve in the flow of the Bocq river, that debouches a few kilometers downstream into the river Meuse.  Traditionally, agriculture and stone quarries were the most important industries in the area.  A number of these quarries (most of them in the meantime abandoned) are silent witnesses of that.  There are a few nice sights that give the village a certain popularity for day trips [explore Spontin].


Belgium > Dinant
The charming small town of Dinant is squeezed between the rocks and the river Meuse. It stretches along the borders of the river that it decorates with many terraces, restaurants and boats that sail in these beautiful surroundings.   Despite being small, the town of Dinant is the cradle of one of the world's most known musical instruments and the birthplace of its inventor: Adolphe Sax and his saxophone [explore Dinant].


Philippines > Boracay
The small island of Boracay is a real paradise on earth and one of the most well known touristic hotspots in the Philippines: white sandy beaches, palm trees, crystal water combined with a tropical climate.  Equipment for water sports which is sometimes hard to find in many places in the Philippines or which is in limited supply, is available here: jetskiing, parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing,...  At daylight the beach is a dream location for getting that nice tan you always wanted or for water sports, but at night the island transforms into a party island [explore Boracay].


Belgium > Annevoie
The small village of Annevoie-Rouillon is part of the community of Anhée, which at itself is not very big either.  It's located in the valley of the Rouillon, a little stream that flows out into the nearby river Meuse.  Annevoie is particularly known for its castle and gardens, that are counted amongst one of the most beautiful ones in Belgium [explore Annevoie].


Belgium > Doel
Doel is the last Belgian village on the left bank of the river Scheldt and is mainly known for its nuclear plant and the fact that it is about to dissapear. The entire village and the surrounding fertile polderlands have to give way for the expansion of the port of Antwerp on the left bank of the river.  Since several years already, houses and farms are being torn down systematically, which resulted in the village receiving the non-enviable status of ghost village [explore Doel].


Belgium > Lissewege
This place is called the "white village" because of the white painted houses that make it such a picturesque spot.  It was even elected as one of the 10 most beautiful villages of Flanders.  Lissewege is mainly known because of two exceptional landmarks: the church of Our Lady Visitation, which looks way oversized for such a small village and the monumental gothic barn of the former Ter Doest abbey, the oldest and biggest in its kind [explore Lissewege].


Belgium > Bruges.
Bruges has many nicknames such as "The Venice of the North" or "Die Scone" (the beautiful one) because of it's historic center that is traversed by various canals.  It became a very wealthy town in the Middle Ages due to international trade, attracting people from all over Europe.  Now it's attracting many other visitors: tourists from all over the world.  Bruges was cultural capital of Europe in 2002 and has several inscriptions on the Unesco heritage list (the belfry, the beguinage and the town center).  If you are a history lover, it will be difficult not to be charmed by Bruges' architectural heritage but besides that, it is a nice and safe place for shopping, dining or just having a good Belgian beer on one of the many terraces.  Diverse activities are organized throughout the year ranging from a big Christmas market, fairs and processions to outdoor concerts [explore Bruges]





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