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Map of the Netherlands

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Historic shopping town Sluis.  If you think that Sluis is a sleepy little medieval town, then you couldn't be more wrong.  It's actually a very lively shopping town, once notorious for its sexshops.  A few of those sexshops are still there but let that not be an excuse not to go to Sluis because this charming little town has a lot to offer: cozy terraces, many restaurants known for their tasty mussels and other delicacies, markets, several walking and biking trails and especially a lot of shops.  Everyone can surely find something in line with their taste and wallet [more information].


Keukenhof (Lisse)
Flowers and more particularly tulips are one of the symbols of the Netherlands.  This is nowhere more obvious than in the region of the flowerbulbs ("bollenstreek") and in flowerpark Keukenhof.  Thousands of flowers transform the park into a sea of colours attracting visitors from all over the world.  Take into account that the park is only open during the flowering period of the flowers
[explore the Keukenhof].
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