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Church Our Lady Visitation
Ter Doest abbey
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De Soete Paepe
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Cultural Lissewege

Museum of SaintsThe 19th century street facade hides an older part of the presbytery, which was built in the 17th century.  Now it houses the tourist office and the museum of Saints.  This museum shows a collection of statues of Saints.  You will learn more about which Saint was called upon for which reason (such as an illness) and the symbolism of the statues and the attributes the different Saints are carrying.
Address: Oude Pastoriestraat 5 (behind the church)

De Soete Paepe.  A "museum" for those who have a sweet tooth!  The "Soete Paepe" is a candystore that has been decorated as they were a hundred years ago, where you can buy oldfashioned candy. 
Address: Walram Romboudtstraat 7

Monument for William van Saeftinghe.  William van Saeftinghe was a lay brother of the abbey of Ter Doest.  In the Battle of the Golden Spurs (1302), he fought with the Flemish armies against the army of the king of France.  He is considered to be one of the heroes of the battle.  There is a monument for him on the market square.




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