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Echo Valley
Kiltepan Hill

Hanging coffins
Terraces and rice fields
Sights in the town

Picture: coffins in a burial cave




Natural sights in and around Sagada

Echo Valley.  Just give a yell and you will know why this gorge is called Echo Valley.  You can get to the valley via the cemetery behind the church.  Besides caves and rocks, is it also one of the spots where you can see the famous hanging coffins from really closeby.  Mind that the passage through the valley requires a bit climbing, so be sure you wear some solid shoes.

Kiltepan HillWhen you follow the so-called "path to paradise" through the pinetrees you can reach one of the most impressive views in Sagada: the Kiltepan Hill viewpoint.  The view on the terraces and the hills below is stunning.  It is particularly popular at sunrise.  It can pay off to get up early ;-). 

Other sights.  In the area there are quite a few natural sights to choose from.  You can do trekking into the mountains (such as Mount Ampacao), check out waterfalls, discover caves (such as the Lumiang and the Sumaguing cave) or go to Lake Danum.  There is even an underground river.  All info on these sights and activities is available in the Tourist Information Center in the town.  Be sure to register there and to get a guide if you go trekking or if you want to explore the caves. 

Picture 1: Echo Valley
Picture 2: Underground river

How to reach Sagada
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