El Nido

Picture: entrance to the Big Lagoon   

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Small Lagoon
Big Lagoon
Secret Lagoon

Diving and snorkeling
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Hidden beach in the Bacuit Archipelago


Other sights and activities around El Nido

Beaches.  All around the Bacuit Archipelago, you will find numerous paradiselike beaches with golden sand either on the main island or on the smaller ones.  Some of them are virtually deserted and are great spots for a pick-nick.  They have names such as Paradise Beach, Twin Beach, Snake beach, 7 Commando Beach, Secret Beach,... or just have no name at all.  The standard tours take their customers to the same beaches.  A private tour can get you to a beach that you will have all to yourself.

Diving and snorkelingThe Philippines are a great location for diving.  In the Bacuit Archipelago, tourism actually started with divers who discovered the beauty of the underwater world here.  A recommended activity here.

Island hoppingWith all those islands and islets and their hidden treasures, the ideal way to discover the best of it, is by boat.  Not to miss!

Other activitiesThe area lends itself also well for kayaking, trekking and climbing.

Picture 1: Palm trees
Picture 2: Bangka on island hopping tour
Picture 3: Brain coral
Picture 4: Clown fish
Picture 5: Star fish


How to reach El Nido
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