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General information on Boracay

How to get to Boracay?  You can get there by boat but depending on your point of departure, this option can be very time consuming.  Generally, people fly in by airplane which takes about an hour from Manilla to Panay (the big island next to Boracay).  Why Panay?  Because Boracay is just too small to host an airfield.  There are two main airports: Caticlan and Kalibo.

Flight via Kalibo (Kalibo International Airport): this is the bigger of the two airports and it even receives a few direct international flights (without having to go via Manila).  Once on Kalibo, you have to go to the port of Caticlan where you can take the ferry to Boracay.  Note that the trip from Kalibo to Caticlan can take about two hours and can be done with a bus, minivan or taxi.

Flight via Caticlan (G. Ramos Airport or sometimes also called Boracay Airport): this is a small airfield for domestic flights and only small airplanes can land here.  It is situated right next to the port of Caticlan.  You can get to Caticlan port with a tricycle.

Ferry from Caticlan (Caticlan Jetty Port) to Boracay: if you don't have a ticket yet for the passage, you can buy it in the ticket office.  Note that next to you regular ticket, you will also have to pay an "environmental fee" and a "terminal fee".  After a short passage you land at the southern tip of the island of Boracay.  From there you can take a tricycle or a minivan to your destination.  

Getting around on Boracay.  The island is not big, you can actually do everything easily on foot but if you want, you can always rent a bicycle or a motorcycle.  Tricycles are the most common means of transport.  Be aware that some drivers of tricycles dare to charge inflated prices to unaware tourists, so make sure you have a clear agreement with the driver on the price before you get in.  Tricycles are not allowed on the boulevard of White Beach, so don't be surprised when you get dropped off near the main road instead of on the beach.

Tours.  There is quite a bit of variety in the tours that are being offered, going from island hopping, adventure tours and water sports to sunset sailing trips.  There are plenty of agencies and vendors on the island that offer you trips.  Just take the time to look around and compare the best deals.  Watch out for swindlers.

Tourist centerA tourist office is not something obvious on the Philippines.  Boracay however is one of the few places in the land that does have a tourist center.  It's located on the promenade of White Beach, halfway between Boat Station 2 and 3.  You can't miss it.  

- website Tourist Center Boracay.

How to reach Boracay
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